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Music Soothes The Soul

As the owner of Rock n Roll U, I’ve been told that blogging, helps people better connect to what we do at our music school and how it will benefit you as a customer. I figured I would give it a shot!

One thing I would love for everyone to recognize from this blog is the benefits of music. Not everyone is passionate about music. Not everyone has the desire to pick up an instrument and try it or to take lessons and learn. Not everyone can sing or have the ability to present themselves on stage. It doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy music itself and it definitely doesn’t mean that it can’t enrich your life.

Do you know what can be really annoying? That person that knows the name of every band playing on the radio and then quizzes you on it while listening. Really?? Can I just enjoy the music instead of taking a test? Can I enjoy the moment I am having? Just letting my mind wander and feeling the music? Maybe when the song is over I can turn to you and say, “Wow! That was a great song! Who was that?”

Now, in that last paragraph I might sound a little angry. Well, that’s because the affect that music can have on us is very powerful. It can make us feel a wide range of emotions. Music can be very healing to a person’s soul and even help them process emotional con- nections to a situation that they have been struggling to move forward with. If you are a young musician, you may not realize the impact you are having on people every time you allow someone to experience your talent. If your that kid who is looking to make a difference or you don’t think you are making a difference in this world, you couldn’t be more wrong!!! Whether it’s an audience of thousands, an audience of one or maybe just your bandmates, your music is taking them to a very special place. You inspire! You encourage! You allow people to feel and find a place within themselves that can be very healing. You soothe their soul, You….make a difference.

There are many reasons the families at Rock n Roll U in Hauppauge decide to enroll their kids into our programs. Reasons include everything from being a natural born musician, you want your child to try and maybe be interested in something other than electronics!! Some participate in our Performance Programs to build confidence, socialization and communication skills. Private lessons are also is a great opportunity to build confidence. It’s never too late for adults to learn either! Don’t miss out on that bucket list opportunity folks!

If you are a kid or an adult who loves music or a specific instrument, we want to encourage whatever strength to help build success in other areas of life. Those of you that fit in that category, you are doing a wonderful thing for your child or for yourself. They will become more confident as their skill grows and will want to succeed in other things because they like the feeling of success.

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