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Girl Scouts can earn a badge at Rock n Roll U.

Supporting The Community With The Girl Scouts Of America

Rock n Roll U recently had the chance to spend time with a few local Girl Scout groups. The groups were looking to earn their music badge. Both Sly and myself worked with the girls to write their very own song as a group. It was a great experience for everyone and we have since had many other groups that have made appointments to come in.

What Are The Benefit Of Earning A Girl Scout Badge With Rock n Roll U?

Earning for a Girl Scout badge is a chance for the girls to try something new that they might enjoy. The purpose is that you will never know who you will meet, what ideas will inspire you,
or what talents or passions you’ll uncover. Girl skills will no matter what, a truly useful
skill along the way.

Although we wanted this experience to be fun, we also wanted it to have a deeper meaning. Most of these girls have known each other since kindergarten, so they think they know everything about each other and couldn’t imagine being closer! It was adorable how close they seemed to be.

During the session we had the girls answer a number of questions that really challenged them to reach deep and think about things that are meaningful to them about family, friendships and experiences they have had throughout their young life. The girls learned things about each other that they didn’t know.

They shared things that made them feel good about themselves and maybe some things that didn’t always make them feel so confident. The girls that we worked with ranged from elementary school to middle school. In these challenging times that we live in, it is so important that girls learn and have the tools to navigate social relationships in a positive way. To lift each other up instead of bringing each other down.

Rock n Roll can help your girl scout earn a badge while teaching girls healthy communication through song writing.

Teach Girls Healthy Communication: Girls Love To Talk!

How do we teach girls healthy ways to communicate?

  • Model and practice healthy communication that is assertive and honest.  Healthy, honest communication builds others up and reinforces mutual respect.  Relationships do not last without open and honest communication.  Remember, this includes on-line and virtual communication.
  • Be intentional in talking with girls about their communication through social media and
    other virtual platforms where they communicate.  Words are powerful whether spoken or typed; if you wouldn’t say it, don’t text it is a good rule of thumb – referenced from Boys Town Training.

We appreciated the girls openness and honesty. It was now our jobs to give the girls the gift of music. To show them that expressing their thoughts and feelings through songwriting can unify and empower groups. While writing the song, the girls learned each part very quickly and at times were singing right along with us while the song was coming to life. Once the finishing touches were complete, the girls gathered to sing.

They got it. They really got it!

They sang the song as if they had heard it many times. They owned it. At the end of the session they insisted that Sly and I wrote the song. “No we didn’t” I said, “These are your words and your thoughts in this song. We just helped you organize it and bring it together. This song is yours!”

The girls were all please with the outcome of their song. People are always saying “It takes a village”. We hope that the experiences that people have at Rock n Roll U enable them to feel like they have a safe place express themselves and be who they are. That they feel supported and understand their self worth.

We hope we helped Girl Scouts realize that at any time, whether they are feeling lost or they are feeling so great they want to capture that moment, they can do that through music. We hope that we taught them that they are not alone. That their words and experiences can affect others for the good and bad.

No matter what, it connects us in some shape or form. Most of all we hope that they know that their friendships are meaningful. That the way they connect with each other and communicate is important.

If you would like for your troop to earn a badge with Rock n Roll U, please call us at 631) 656-5901. It is our passion to inspire our youth to learn and grow through music!

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