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“Just wanted to thank you for such a great job all of you do and we are so happy to be a part of a great thing!!! All the kids are outstanding and talented. Looking foward to the spring performance!!!”

Kerri Belcher

?My daughter, Saara, joined the theatre group at Rock and Roll U just under a year ago.

Jessica teaches this group and what I love so much is the diversity of the group and the diversity of the talent. Each group member has a unique talent and Jessica brings this together in a way I could never have imagined. She absolutely brings out the best in each child and adult in this group and builds on everyone’s strengths.

I have seen Saara’s areas of development progress so much in the last few months it’s unbelievable. The session is an hour and a half and when time is up, the look of disappointment on Saara’s face says everything about this program. She has so much fun and at the same time is developing confidence, vocal and dance skills. She has a fear of being on stage and a very short attention span and she doesn’t even realize she is overcoming these challenges here because she is having so much fun!

This is music, dance and acting all rolled into one, without the pressure and competitiveness like most other theatre groups have, but committed and dedicated enough to put on a great show at the end of the semester!”

Deepa Sachdev

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