About Jessica Gallone

Jessica GalloneJessica Gallone, the Owner of Rock-n-Roll U, has always believed in the power of music to unite, uplift and inspire. From her days performing Long Island cover bands to watching her daughter soar at Rock N Roll University, a local music and performance school, Jessica has realized its potential and strength.

So when Jessica, who earned her master’s degree in social work, took over Rock N Roll U in January 2017, it perfectly melded her love of music and professional experience connecting with others. She and her team now work to create a safe, positive, and welcoming environment where every student thrives.

Rock N Roll U offers a variety of musical programs, including private musical theater instruction and a summer camp. Every participant in the Band Performance Program has their own band. Each semester there are recitals for students taking private lessons, in addition to live music concert events at community venues. And in the summer of 2017, Rock N Roll U will also be hosting birthday parties!

The mission at Rock N Roll U is to provide musical opportunities to children and adults of all abilities so they can learn, enhance, and improve their musical talent. The skilled teachers at Rock N Roll U, many with a degree in music education, make sure every student performs and no one is left out. Jessica serves as a mentor, sharing what she’s learned over 15 years pioneering and overseeing a Long Island non-profit organization that serves adults with special needs.

Rock N Roll U has enrolled a number of students classified as on the autism spectrum, Down’s Syndrome, and other special needs. “They are amazing musicians,” says Jessica, “You wouldn’t be able to identify they were a person with a disability when watching them perform.” The kids make great social connections through their love of music, and Jessica enjoys connecting with the larger community. Rock N Roll U is a member of the SmithTown Chamber of Commerce and Jessica has coached softball and is the proud mom of a Girl Scout.

At Rock N Roll U, every success is celebrated, and there are plenty! Alumni of Rock N Roll U who have made the big time include Brandon Niederauer, who starred as Taz, a talented guitar player in the Broadway musical “School of Rock.” The band Route III, who have performed at prestigious venues like the Paramount, are also Rock N Roll U grads.


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