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Bring the love of music into your child's life

Rock-n-Roll U

Is your child interested in exploring their musical talent?
Do they dream of becoming a rock star?

Rock and Roll University is a music school in Hauppauge, NY offering private lessons and band performance programs for all ages and skill levels. Our music programs provide a supportive and encouraging environment where children of all skill levels can gain the confidence and skills to perform at their fullest potential

Our private lessons include training with percussion, brass, woodwinds, strings, & vocals. Students that participate in Rock and Roll University’s five month Semester Band Performance Program will have the opportunity to perform on stage in front of a live audience at a concert venue in the community!


Private lessons

All lessons are with an experienced instructor. Strings, percussion, vocal, & wind instruments welcomed.


RNRU provides instruction to people of all abilities & skill levels. Great for those participating in self direction.

Baby in Tot Music class

Rock-n-Roll U offers a Mommy and Me Group, in collaboration with Music For Tots.

Summer music program

Our Summer Program is offered to students throughout the summer months of July and August.

In person piano lessons using Occupational Octaves and the Stockner Method of teaching

Musical theater

Musical Theater is a 90 minute drama program instructed by an experienced theater professional.

Watch Our Students Perform Live

Our students have come a long way! From the moment when they pick up their first real six string, to the time they perform live on stage, our kids are rocking it! Performing live can build confidence and team building skills. Don’t just take our word for it, you can view more videos and see for yourself!


Kerri Belcher

Just wanted to thank you for such a great job all of you do and we are so happy to be a part of a great thing!!! All the kids are outstanding and talented. Looking foward to the spring performance!!!

Michele I.

My son has been going to Rock N Roll U for over 5 years now. He has had awesome piano instructors, and has played in many different bands over the years. RNRU is an amazing place! Not only are they an excellent music school, but they find so many ways to help kids get involved in the community. We are lucky to have them here in Hauppauge!

J. N.

My son began lessons at RNRU in October '17 and has thrived! His music has improved drastically and he is in love with the program! His lessons teacher takes his time, doesn't rush him out and shows an obvious love of music and teaching. My son has stated he's learned more with RNRU in two months than he did taking private lessons through another local organization after a year.

Adrienne B.

Every time I photograph the events at Rock-n-Roll U, the place is packed-out. Unbelievable job done here, unbelievable talent and effort from the folks here. Great leadership. Great place!

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