Special Needs Performance Groups

Special Needs Performance Groups

RNRU serves people of all abilities. Our Special Needs Performance Groups support the need and desire in our community for people with special needs to have a unique opportunity to participate in an activity in an inclusionary they really enjoy during day or evening hours.

Rock-n-Roll U has put together a menu of services in the the area:

• Woodwind Instruments
• String Music Lessons

• Brass Lessons
• Piano Lessons

• Band Performance rehearsal
• Musical Theater

• Percussion Lessons
• Vocal/Singing Lessons

Special Needs Performance Groups

Students learn to to work in groups which helps to teach communication strategies, all in a safe and fun learning environment. Our program has a positive experience on our students with special needs.

Rock-n-Roll U is located in a community that is rich with resources that allow a person to explore their ability to be independent in the community. People enrolled will participate in an end of the semester recital on the RNRU Live Stage!

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